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Identify the notable positions of brewers in the Guild and in the Kingdom

Royal Brewer 2020

This past weekend it was my honor to pass along the role of Atlantia’s Royal Brewer to Lord Ciaran (David Ciaran Gunter) at our Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival. Ciaran’s works were judged with the kind aid of King Cuan, His Highness Anton, and our KMOAS Lady Marion le Red, along side two other fantastic entries.

While the final scoring was quite close, as all of these brewers showed excellent skill, his Majesty found a consensus at the table for Lord Ciaran to take on this role.In the time that I have known Ciaran, he has proven to be a skilled brewer and a strong advocate for our craft, and I will be supporting his efforts as Royal Brewer in any way that I can.

I hope you will all welcome him to this position as warmly as you welcomed me.

Vivat, Lord Ciaran Mac Breandain! Royal Brewer of Atlantia!

Noble Owain Weale

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Royal Brewer 2016

Vivant the entrants in this year’s Royal Brewer competition!

Lord Jaume organized early and organized well. He published the Royal Brewer competition requirements, as one does if one is the current Royal Brewer and Kingdom Arts and Sciences is coming up. He also read Kingdom law (!) to find that the judges are supposed to include the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences (KMoAS) or designated representative, and Their Majesties or their designated representative.  (The ultimate decision for Royal Brewer is up to Their Majesties – it’s not necessarily the scored result of the competition that is the deciding factor – so it’s important that they have someone at the table if possible.)

Lord Etienne le Mons’ promised Jaume to designate a surrogate, since he’s KMoAS and  Kingdom A&S is a pretty busy day for him. But – and this is new in my experience – Jaume secured Their Most August Majesties Christoph and Adelheit themselves to come taste, and consider. Their Majesties came to the Royal Brewer table  first thing in the morning (!!), and proceeded from us to the Royal Baker competition sharing a room with us. I may have overheard a quiet comment that they were glad  to see there was bread next.

Now, Their Majesties are not brewing judges and don’t pretend to be, so Jaume guided them in the sorts of questions one asks when one is tasting. First and foremost, do We like it? Is it especially nice?  Anything off or unpleasant? Her Majesty had a preference for sweeter tastes than His Majesty, so She particularly appreciated the range of cordials Lord Eirikr ulfr þorrison entered. I kept notes of their comments for the judges to use later. I also kept track of which beverages they especially liked…

Next up, Jaume and the KMoAS’ designate, Master James of Middle Aston, tasted each entry and scored them according to the familiar Guild form that Jaume had announced he would use. Master James knows a thing or two about brewing himself and has helped us out before. They consulted the notes about Their Majesties’ preferences and conferred carefully.

Jaume was involved in a (particularly delightful) Commedia presentation, so he gave me the results and sent me off to the Royal Room to report in and await Their Majesties’ decision. Results were close, and it was gratifying to see that Their Majesties took the decision really seriously, taking  time to decide. When all was said and done, Lord Seamus MacWhellan was declared this year’s Royal Brewer.

As for me, other than taking notes for Their Majesties and doing some scampering about for Jaume, I had only one more task – asking the brewers of the beverages Their Majesties liked best whether they minded too much if that bottle didn’t go home with them. Of course, everyone said yes – interestingly, Their Majesties commented on particularly liking at least one entry from each brewer. I packed up a carton of resealed bottles very carefully and stowed it in the back of the Royal Conveyance.  It is quite an honor to have your brew personally chosen by Their Majesties. It is quite a pleasure to have Their Majesties take such an interest in our wares!

So Vivat! for our accomplished contestants, Vivat! for Lord Seamus, and a special Vivant! for Their Majesties who appreciate a good homebrew!

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2015 Royal Brewer competition

Lord Terafan and a table covered with brewing entries and the prizes for Royal Brewer

Lord Terafan at the ready

I am so sorry, everyone, I thought I’d published this back in March. I didn’t remember I’d meant to read it through one more time.

Raven’s Cove had done a bang-up job organizing this KASF. It was held at the Mad Boar in Wallace, NC, a beautiful restaurant with meeting rooms, and upstairs our main hall with a stage (Commedia!). It’s richly paneled in dark wood, with a deeply carved ceiling and stained glass here and there.  Both Royal Brewer and Royal Baker competitions were downstairs in a wood paneled, crystal-lit side room, far enough from the madding crowd that we could concentrate. The organizers had put out plenty of signs, some quite humorous, so it was easy to find. In the room, there was a beautiful sign marking our table – and one for the Bakers, of course. Even though both Lord Rhys ap Terafan and I got there early to check out our arrangements, one Lord Eoghan had gotten there even earlier, and left both his entries and filled in judging forms for us. Gotta love a prepared man.

Somehow Lord Terafan judged the Persona Pentathlon in the morning, then came down and judged RB all afternoon. I might’ve had a single brain cell left after trying to do that, but he was taking it all in stride.

Our then-current Royal Brewer, Lord Brian Crawford, had been called away by mundane duties (something called “drill”) and could not be there to run the Royal Brewer competition this year.  Lord Brian had been careful to announce the categories and guidelines for this year’s competition months in advance so people could prepare, but now he had to scramble to line up everyone and everything to run without him.  He’d asked me to come judge quite a while ago, and he reached out to Lord Rhys ap Terafan,  Atlantia’s first (and only other) brewing Laurel. Brian’s gracious  wife, Lady Eleanor, was our go-between. She ported the Regalia, the venerable RB pitcher, and some beer (including his yummy take on William Harrison’s Ale) for the judges. Any day that starts with a gift of good beer must be propitious! Terafan and I promptly divided those up and set them aside to take home.  Thank you Lord Brian!

prizes for Royal Brewer - regalia box, wooden cups, and ceramic pitcher

Regalia box, honored pitcher and cup-and-shaker set for the new Royal Brewer

We laid out the prizes for display- the Regalia, the venerable pitcher, and a gold-and-brown wood drink set that was my personal gift to the new RB. We laid out more judging forms, more pens, filled our own pitcher with water, set the dump bowl, towels and tasting glasses, and eyed the table crowded with bottles. This year’s competitors were going to earn bragging rights, this was going to be a stiff competition.

There are plenty of people who think the Guild just gets together to drink, and that judging competitions is just another excuse to get wobbly.  Let me tell you, it ain’t like that. We had a lot of entries and only two hours to go through them all, trying to stay fair and consistent. Afterwards, one of us was going to have to speak to King Michael to inform him of our results and impressions and receive his selection of winners. One of us was going to have to stand up before King and Court and everyone to announce the results.  As it turned out, I got Lord Terafan to do both of those things, though he asked me to write up the announcement.

Sometimes, especially in the SCA, one receives an unexpected, delightful gift of service.  In our case, Lady Eilon bat Miriam stepped in to manage the scoring, sorting, and final calculations, mercifully keeping us organized. My ability to perform basic arithmetic crumbles when I’m “in combat” – don’t snicker, I’m slow on a good day. Lady Eilon totally took care of the administrative end of things.

wooden Regalia box to hold medallion etc.

The new Royal Brewer regalia box made by Lord Brian Crawford

First the beers – not too many this year, which was surprising. There are usually lots. Then the meads, sorted from traditional not-so-sweet to very sweet and/or strong flavored.  Then the cordials – there were lots and lots of cordials, with flavors ranging from sweetly fruity to strongly botanical.  I’m not saying it isn’t fun, and gratifying to see so many entries, but we were working so hard we gathered a peanut gallery of folks hanging out to listen and watch. All of them, of course, were brewers themselves, so we got to meet some new folks! (Well, not new to Atlantia necessarily, but new to us.) We shared tastings of particularly delightful or interesting brews with our onlookers after we’d finished our forms – always with one eye on the time.

We finished with about fifteen minutes to spare – enough time for Lord Terafan to go discuss things with His Majesty, and for me to get the Regalia and prizes upstairs to the main hall. I stopped to admire the new Regalia box Lord Brian had made. The old one was an aged men’s faux leather jewelry box which looked as though it had held cufflinks or a tie tack many, many years ago. It had served us well for a long time, but the new box (see the picture above) is much, much nicer.

Court went well; in fact it was one of the warmest and funniest Courts I’ve attended in quite a while. Lord Terafan thanked our outgoing RB Lord Brian. Lord Jaume de Monçó was duly installed as King’s choice for the next RB. I expect you’ll see him around, wearing his well-earned medallion with pride.

Submitted this day in honor of bee and brew,

Sorcha Crowe



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A Badge for the Guild

First, a few guidelines:

1. It should be simple. Keep the fancy for personal and household devices. Any brewer should be able to paint this on something.

cropped Regalia box

The Royal Brewer device, from the new Regalia box Lord Brian made for the next RB.

2. It should evoke Atlantia somehow. I don’t see tying Spike into brewing, despite the Royal Brewer’s badge (which has Spike between two mugs – see the picture on the  left).

4. It should not look like other kingdom brewers guild badges – there aren’t very many of them.

5. It should reference beer, wine, mead, cordials, and our favorite non-alcoholics like vinegars, without discrimination. Our Guild includes all of these.

6. When people see it, they should be able to associate it with brewing without too much trouble.

7. It should be easy to get approved by the Kingdom and Society College(s) of Heralds. To that end, I’ve enlisted the aid of a couple of tireless book heralds, who know this stuff, and am allowing myself to be guided by them.

8. It should look nice.

So, we start with the basic shield shape, known as the field:

outline of shield shape with flat top and pointed bottom

Blank field

You gotta love a tabla rasa, a blank slate. The field is a good place to hint we’re Atlantians. Here’s the Kingdom device:

Kingdom of Atlantia
Believe me when I say it’s not the easiest to paint. So how about we do something like one of these, in blue and white:fess wavy2

per pale simple wavy
Usually you see white on the top/bottom or right/left, and blue in the middle, but we can go either way. Heraldically speaking, white is argent/silver and blue is azure. So let’s get some polling on which of these you prefer, and in what color order – or neither, and you’re going to email me your preference (

[wpdevart_poll id=”1″ theme=”1″]


[wpdevart_poll id=”3″ theme=”1″]


To one of those fields, let’s add a charge, or a figure. I vote we pick one thing to put smack in the middle of the middle stripe, no matter which way it goes.

According to the Heraldry Primer on the Atlantia website:

If the charge is on the white/argent/silver part, the charge itself can be gules/red, azure/blue, vert/green, purpure/purple, or sable/black.

If the charge is on the blue/azure part, the charge itself can be silver/argent or gold/or.

So let’s poll some more, while I  have you here. What color shall our charge be?


[wpdevart_poll id=”2″ theme=”1″]


Other kingdoms use the following charges, so I suggest we avoid them:

Barrel – Aethelmearc

Cup and bunch of grapes – Caid

Beehive and grapes – East

Crossed malt rakes -Lochac

We don’t want to compete with our own brewing groups, Woodside Priory and the Company of St. Arnulf. Woodside uses a barrel, and I’m not sure that St. Arnulf’s has a badge of any sort. If I’m wrong, folks, let me know.

For charges that would pass Heraldic inspection, I consulted A Pictorial Dictionary of Heraldry, by Master Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme. It was recommended on the Atlantia heraldry page.  It’s been around a long time, but bless him, he’s put it online, and done a good job of converting it to a web-enabled tool rather than a flat document.

There are three ways to search the site. One is by first letter, another is by category. Not all the charges in there are indexed, some are only linked from other devices – vessel, for instance, links to quite a few.  There’s also a link to “Full Alphabetical Search”. The search box works fairly well.  If you can’t find one of the charges I mention below, don’t despair – try another route.

If you search by letter, you are getting all the charges that start with that letter. The only way to navigate then is to scroll to the bottom and click “older posts”. The one you want can be many pages in. I recommend the search box or

Master Bruce has marked each charge with a) whether it’s period and b) whether it’s passed before. Remember we want to reference beer, wine, mead, cordials, and non-alcoholics like vinegar, so we don’t want anything as specific as a malt rake anyhow. Here’s where it gets fun.  We have lots of brewing-related choices. Not including the charges already used by other kingdoms, according to Master Bruce, we can choose any of these. You may have to scroll down the page to get to your item:



Drinking bowl (Misha makes these)

Cup/beaker/goblet- just not the one Caid uses, which has a small stem. There are several shapes available. For what it’s worth, I vote we avoid the British covered cup; no one will recognize it.

Bottell (leather, made for hanging, probably from a horse’s saddle)

Bucket (it’s a stretch)

Flask or phial

Pot/cauldron/pipkin/kettle/three-footed pot/

Well (no picture given, only descriptions)

Mazer (Misha makes these)

Bottle (what are we, lushes?)

Bowl (looks a lot like the mazer, what a surprise)

Spouted pot/clay pot

Of these, there are several I like. The bottell is pretty cool – it was designed to carry on horseback, and I like the hint that we travel and share. Amphoras, flasks, and pitchers all invoke making in bulk and sharing, and are graceful besides. I like the mazer/drinking bowl a lot, but like the drinking horn, that may not appeal to everyone. There is probably a cup shape we all could work with – it just has to be different from Caid’s. If you don’t think there’s ever been a cup of vinegar, look to your hip socket – the part your thigh bone fits into is the acetabulum, the vinegar cup.

I think wells and buckets are a stretch for people to think of brewers. Bottles remind people of drunken bums, and we’re trying to get them to see us another way. Cauldrons are forever associated with witches; if we want to use any of the pots we’ll have to be careful to get one that’s recognizable. I’m not sure whether people would see a flask and assume we’re alchemists.

I could poll on this, but the tool only allows me to give you one choice. I think we need more discussion. Let me hear you! Leave a comment, post to the e-list, email me separately. What charges do you like, and why? Which one(s) do you prefer over others?

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St. Arnulf Ingredient Challenge Results A.S. 49 (2015)

Good Gentles,
The Company of St. Arnulf wishes to congratulate Lady Evelynn Merrymet on winning our inaugural Specialty Ingredient Challenge. The purpose of this challenge is to encourage brewers who experiment with unusual period ingredients, and we were delighted to taste Lady Evelynn’s spiced rosehip cordial, which featured, among other ingredients, fennel and rosemary.
We hope this competition will continue for many years to come, and it is with pleasure that we announce the lists for the next two years. Once again, judging will take place at the Company’s tavern at Ymir. The rules will be as before: we put out a list of ingredients, and ask that brewers prepare a beverage which features any two or more things on the list. The list changes every year (though some things make return from previous lists if we’d like to see more of them). Documentation is welcomed but not required; as our primary goal is to encourage brewers to familiarize themselves with unusual period brewing ingredients, we welcome inventive applications and so do not require that the beverage entered be a historical one.

For 2016, the ingredient list will be as follows:
Citron Leaf
Sweet gale
As we know that makers of meads and cordials benefit from a sufficiently long time to age their product, we are also pleased to announce the list for 2017:
Bacterial fermentation
Sour orange
For the “bacterial fermentation” item, we still welcome beverages that are primarily fermented with yeast (whether Saccharomyces or other species), but to count this as one of the two ingredients used the action of bacteria must contribute to the flavor of the finished product.
We look forward to your entries in future iterations of this competition. Please forward the rules and ingredients lists anywhere you feel is appropriate.
 – Jaume de Monçó
Schenkewirt, Company of St. Arnulf

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Local Brewing Groups in Atlantia

While the Guild is meant to include all brewers in the whole Kingdom, there are some local brewing groups in Atlantia.  They’re really nice folks, and you might see them at an event and wonder who –?  So, wonder no more; go up and introduce yourself instead. They’ll probably try to give you a beer.

Summer 2015: I hear tell of the Whitemarsh Brewers, a local group in central-ish Virginia.  Stay tuned while I try to get more details.

The Company of St. Arnulf (mostly in their own words)

Where They Are: Mostly located in Windmasters Hill (though we have had some involvement from people elsewhere and are definitely open to more of that!).

Statement of Intent: The goal is tasty beverages that we can give away for free to support a better event atmosphere.

The Company uses their art for service, to create a space that is obviously welcoming to all members of the populace. We’re particularly interested in service to newcomers, for whom even the explicitly-open-to-all private camp parties can be an intimidating thing to try to find and enter. We do this by running a tavern at select events, and on occasion by supporting other groups that are putting on blatantly-open parties (we’ve often helped out a bit with the Elephant Stomp at Midnight At The Oasis, for instance). Because we are open to all, we strive to always have at least one non-alcoholic option at our tavern as well as the alcohol.

Brews They Favor:  We try to keep our offerings varied; typically, this means we’re serving at least a dark beer, a pale beer, a cider, and a non-alcoholic at any given event. There is often a beer for hopheads and one that’s accessible for people used to macrobrews.

Where You Might See Them: We have typically run our tavern at WoW, Gem Joust, and Ymir. We have helped with the Elephant Stomp on a regular basis, and have been served at other major Kingdom events… Right now, we focus our efforts on the big events, but if our membership were to grow and get more spread out, we’d certainly be open to other members organizing and running taverns in other areas and events.

How to Reach Them: Their Facebook group “The Company of St. Arnulf” is definitely the best way to reach the group. Best contact person is Lord Jaume de Monçó, at craigbdaniel[AT}

To join: You have to be willing to help us run our tavern. You don’t even have to be a brewer (seriously we’d be delighted to have a couple good bartenders show up and volunteer even if they didn’t bring anything).  Ultimately the point is to spread hospitality, and having other members organize taverns more locally to themselves would do precisely that.

Words to Live By: “Anyone who is able to help us fulfill that mission, and up for putting in the effort to do so, we want as a member. Let’s make this even more awesome.”

Woodside Priory

Mostly Tidewater-based, the brethren and sistren of Woodside Priory make some mighty fine beer.  Keep an eye out for the Priory to set up at events, particularly around Tir-y-Don.

Bright Hills Brewers Guild

Currently mostly interested in cordials, but the focus changes with participants. They have a Yahoo group:







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People to know in the Guild

Here are some folks in the Guild you might want to know. You can call on any of them if you have questions about the Guild.  Look for someone close to your location for questions about local brewing activity.

PHOTOS will be posted as I get them – Sorcha

Guildmaster  Lord Brynjolf Rauðskegg

Brynjolf Rauthskegg

Brynjolf device

Guildmaster Brynjolf








Royal Brewer Lord Brian Crawford
(Brian Burnham)
Inspector for Barony of Tir-y-don
757-812-2732 NLT 10PM
(yes, some of our brewers have other interests too…)

brian_crawford device

Brian Crawford

Brian Crawford 1








Barony of Ponte Alto
Lord John M’Coghlane
(Jonathan Coughlin)


Dagobert de Gallia


Susane d’Anjou


Barony of Hawkwood
Lord Dagobert de Galia
& Lady Susane d’Anjou
(Chris & Sue Burk)



Barony of Lochmere

Mikhail "Misha" Novgorodets

Mikhail “Misha” Novgorodets

Lord Mikhail ‘Misha’ Novgorodets
(Michael Suggs)






Gormr Domarsson

Barony of Dun Carraig
Lord Gormr Domarsson
(Greg Lee)
443-404-5770 NLT 9PM





Barony of Highland Foorde
Master Siegfried Sebastian Faust

Siegfried Sebastian Faust

Siegfried Sebastian Faust








Isabel Henry



Barony of Caer Mear
Lady Isabel Henry
(Sharon Miller)



Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon (“Terafan”)
Atlantia’s first brewing Laurel

picture of Master Terafan      Master Terafan's device
Master Terafan

Mistress Sorcha Crowe
(Elspeth Payne)

Webminister and Inspector in the Barony of Storvik (Maryland and D.C.)
Atlantia’s most recent brewing Laurel

sorcha_crowe device

Sorcha Crowe

Sorcha Crowe

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Royal Brewers of Atlantia

For Atlantia’s 30th anniversary, Kingdom Historian Stefan of Cambion encouraged me to gather the list of all the Royal Brewers there had ever been in Atlantia. Our Kingdom Chronicler helped a lot, and I did a lot of newsletter digging and networking to find this list.  I can’t guarantee I’ve got the early years exactly correctly. Royal Brewers sometimes served for more than a year, and we had some gaps for one reason or another in the early years, so there’s not necessarily a 1:1 relationship between Royal Brewer and year of installation.

I loved being Royal Brewer; as I explained elsewhere, it’s carte blanche to do anything (legal) you can think of to encourage brewing in the Kingdom.  It gave me an excuse to talk to total strangers the length and breadth of the Kingdom, something I’d never have had the courage to do otherwise.

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, here are those who have spent a year of their lives (sometimes more) building up the art and science of brewing in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Sorcha Crowe


Gyrth Oldcastle

Philip of Ghent

Bianca Della Robbia

Brie Kiernan

Bianca Della Robbia

Brie Kiernan

Allen of Dunwich

Corwyn Woodwarde 5/91

Terafon Greydragon 3/92

Brie Kieran

Annora nic Chailin 4/94

Tadhg mac Aedain ui Chonchobhair 2/95

Alexander Mareschal 3/96

Havelyard of Bourne 2/97

Terafon Greydragon 12/98

Daria of Stierbach 8/99-2/01

Jehan Yves de Chateau Thiery 6/01

Declan Mac Dockery 4/02

Nikulai Ivanovich and Thorgrimr inn Kyri 4/03

Michel von Schonsee 4/04

Daria of Atlantia 4/05

Karl Haraldsson 5/06

Siegfried Sebastian Faust 11/07

Karl Haraldsson 4/08

Sorcha Crowe 5/09

Brian Crawford 6/10

Seamus MacWhellan 4/11

Patrick Ravensclaw 2/12

Rayhana bint Jusuf 2/13

Brian Crawford 3/14

Jaume de Monçó  3/15

Seamus MacWhellan 3/16

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What is a Royal Brewer?

The Royal Brewer is one of a handful of Kingdom Notables, recognized by the Crown for their accomplishments. In Atlantia, the sitting Royal Brewer hosts next year’s Royal Brewer competition at the annual Kingdom Arts and Sciences event (KASF), unless it was booked at a dry site. In that case the Royal Brewer seeks out an alternate Kingdom-level event and advertises the change heavily – certainly on the Guild email list (for now).

The position of Royal Brewers can be enormously rewarding. It gives you carte blanche to do as much with it as you like. You can reach out to autocrats across the Kingdom and find out where there are planned brewing activities – they’re often not on the Kingdom Calendar, and may get added to the event schedule late – and help boost the signal by throwing your support behind them on the list or here on the website. If you find they aren’t planning a brewing activity, you can encourage them to include one, even find them someone to run a roundtable if the autocrat can find room. (You meet brewers all over the Kingdom that way.) You can publish a monthly message in the Acorn (the Kingdom newsletter) announcing any and all brewing activities at upcoming events. You can spearhead largesse activity to provide beautifully packaged and labeled brews to the Crown to give as gifts, particularly in gift baskets to other Crowns at Gulf Wars and Pennsic. You are the face, the voice, the inspiration of the Guild for one year. Make the most of it.

There are two traditional duties of the Royal Brewer.  The first is to serve bar at the Atlantian party at Pennsic. The other is to run a brewing activity – usually a competition with optional round table – at the Gem Joust.

How do you get to be the Royal Brewer?  Here’s what the Kingdom of Atlantia Great Book of Law says ( as of 8/29/2014):

E.2. Kingdom Royal Notables

E.2.2. The Royal Brewer for excellence in making beer, ale, mead, wine, or other period alcoholic beverages. (N.B. – In addition to Royal Bard, Poeta Atlantia, Scrivener Royal, Royal Baker, Royal Archer)

E.3. Creation of a Kingdom Royal Notable

The Crown may choose to modify the list of Notables in consultation with the Great Officers of State to encourage any discipline they see fit.

E.4. Tenure of a Kingdom Royal Notable

The Kingdom Royal Notables are positions held in service to the Crown of Atlantia for the tenure of one year, except where noted otherwise.

E.5. Selection of a Kingdom Royal Notable

Kingdom Royal Notable competitions are held annually at Kingdom Level Events, unless the Crown sees need to do otherwise.

 Competitions shall be run by the current Kingdom Royal Notable, as a representative of the Crown, in consultation with the appropriate Great Officer of State.

 If the Kingdom Royal Notable is unable to run the competition for their successor, the Crown, in consultation with the appropriate Great Officer of State, shall designate a proxy to run the competition.

 Competitions should be announced on the Kingdom Announcements List and in the Kingdom newsletter’s electronic supplement at least twice before the event where the competition takes place.

 The current Kingdom Royal Notable, in conjunction with the appropriate Great Officer of State, shall set the details of the competition and judging standards. Judges should be drawn from the following:

  • The Crown or their proxy
  • The Heirs or their proxy
  • The appropriate Great Officer of State or their proxy
  • The current Royal Notable
  • Additional judges may be chosen at the discretion of the Royal Notable
  •  In no case should there be fewer than three judges.

E.6. Removal of a Kingdom Royal Notable

The Crown may remove a Kingdom Royal Notable at Their discretion. If the Kingdom Royal Notable is unable to complete his or her term or is removed early for any reason, the Crown shall direct the appropriate Great Officer of State to hold a competition at the next convenient Kingdom Level Event, or the Crown may choose a successor.

The Kingdom Chronicler’s website displays the current Notables:  A list of all of Atlantia’s Royal Brewers will be posted here as soon as Sorcha uploads it.

Sorcha here: there is as very informal custom of the outgoing Royal Brewer giving the incoming Royal Brewer a pitcher as a sign of their position in the Kingdom.  Totally up to the outgoing Royal Brewer, of course. Your Barony may let you expense it, but the Kingdom does not.

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