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No Barrier To Entry

Do you want to join the Brewers Guild of Atlantia? Congratulations, you are now a member! We look forward to helping you learn about our craft, to in turn learn from your experience, and help you get brewing in your local group.


The guild structure is currently under review, a process that has been complicated by the year of the plague 2020. Presently the interim guildmaster is Meister Alain Ap Dafydd and much of the guild activities are directed by the Royal Brewer.

Charter (2008)

We, the Brewers of the Kingdom of Atlantia, in order to continue the practice of brewing within our fair kingdom, do request that the Crowns of Atlantia renew our guild’s charter. The guild, which shall be henceforth known as the “Brewers’ Guild of Atlantia,” will encourage the practice, research and understanding of brewing within this realm.  The following articles will delineate the purpose, officers, rankings, and potables recognized by this guild.

Article I: Purpose
Section 1: Purposes and Objectives
The primary purposes and objectives of this guild shall be:

  • To provide standardization in the art of Brewing;
  • To provide instruction in the arts of fermentation, infusion, and decoction to any who are interested;
  • To teach the populace the major drink styles and varieties, both period and modern;
  • To provide information to other groups and assist them in their studies;

(e)     To assist the brewers and populace with abiding by the alcohol policies of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

Article II: Membership and Rankings
Section 1: Membership
Membership in the Brewers’ Guild of Atlantia is open to any gentle that resides within the confines of the Kingdom of Atlantia and has expressed interest in furthering their understanding of the arts of Brewing.

Section 2: Ranking System
To further the advancement of knowledge and facilitate technical skill within the Brewers’ Guild of Atlantia, we hereby establish four (4) classes of members:

  • Apprentice: Any brewer of the guild who has demonstrated proficiency in ONE style of the six recognized by the guild. A brewer advances by having brewed one beverage with a score of 75+, judged either formally or informally, by three Atlantian Brewing Guild Judges.
  • Journeyman: An Apprentice brewer advances to the status of Journeyman Brewer by demonstrating proficiency in TWO styles of the six recognized by the guild. A brewer advances by having brewed two beverages of different styles with scores of 80+, judged either formally or informally, by three Atlantian Brewing Guild Judges.
  • Master: A Journeyman brewer advances to the status of Master Brewer by demonstrating proficiency in FOUR or more styles of the six recognized by the guild. A brewer advances by having brewed four beverages of different styles with scores of 80+, judged either formally or informally, by three Atlantian Brewing Guild Judges.

(d)   Brewmaster of Atlantia: An honorary rank that is bestowed by the Guildmaster to those members who are considered to have a lot of brewing experience, are actively brewing and willing to teach others.

Article III: Officers
Section 1: Guildmaster

  • The guildmaster should be chosen from among those with the rank of Master within the Brewers’ Guild. The guildmaster holds the membership listing and rankings for the Brewers’ Guild. The guildmaster shall advise all Brewers as to the nearest teacher recognized by the Guild. The guildmaster will submit a progress report to the Crowns at their Coronation. The Guildmaster is expected to remain active, during their tenure, in order to keep abreast of advancements within the guild.

(b)      If at any time it becomes necessary for a guildmaster to become inactive, s/he is expected to name an interim deputy or to recommend a successor, depending on the expected length of inactivity. Should it become necessary to replace or remove a guildmaster in absentia, the Guild members are to be presented with a list of candidates from among those of Master rank. The next guildmaster is to be chosen by popular vote, with the consent of the Crowns.

Section 2: Inspectors
(a)    Any brewer who represents the guild in their local SCA group. Responsible for: promoting the guild within the group, assisting Autocrats in complying with SCA Alcohol Policy, encouraging new brewers in their group, sponsoring competitions, and reporting local brewing activities to the Guild as needed or at least 4 times a year.

Section 3: Webminister
(a)    The webminister shall be in charge of maintaining the official website for the Brewers’ Guild of Atlantia.

Article IV: Potables

Section 1: Potables
The term “potables” refers to the various styles of brewed beverages and the official categories into which they are to be classed. The charter shall be considered the definitive classification for any guild sanctioned brewing competitions. However, this list is not exhaustive.

Section 2: Style Categories

  • Meads: Covers most drinks with honey as the main fermentable ingredient. These include traditional meads (made with honey and water), metheglins (added herbs and spices), and melomels (fruit and honey).
  • Wines: Includes fruit wines, hippocras and spiced wines (only if the brewer fermented the base wine), and other variants.
  • Beers/Ales: Includes beers, ales, sakes, braggots, and any other potables where  the main fermentable is grain
  • Vinegars: Includes both herb-infused vinegars, fruit-infused vinegars, and vinegars created by the brewer from an alcoholic base and a mother of vinegar.
  • Cordials: Any alcoholic beverage that uses either distilled or fermented alcohol as its base in combination with other herbs, fruit, or spices. This would include liquors and spiced wines (where the brewer did not produce the original base.)

(f)       Non-Alcoholics: Includes fruit, herb, or flower syrups and any vinegar based beverage.