Local Brewing Groups in Atlantia

While the Guild is meant to include all brewers in the whole Kingdom, there are some local brewing groups in Atlantia.  They’re really nice folks, and you might see them at an event and wonder who –?  So, wonder no more; go up and introduce yourself instead. They’ll probably try to give you a beer.

Summer 2015: I hear tell of the Whitemarsh Brewers, a local group in central-ish Virginia.  Stay tuned while I try to get more details.

The Company of St. Arnulf (mostly in their own words)

Where They Are: Mostly located in Windmasters Hill (though we have had some involvement from people elsewhere and are definitely open to more of that!).

Statement of Intent: The goal is tasty beverages that we can give away for free to support a better event atmosphere.

The Company uses their art for service, to create a space that is obviously welcoming to all members of the populace. We’re particularly interested in service to newcomers, for whom even the explicitly-open-to-all private camp parties can be an intimidating thing to try to find and enter. We do this by running a tavern at select events, and on occasion by supporting other groups that are putting on blatantly-open parties (we’ve often helped out a bit with the Elephant Stomp at Midnight At The Oasis, for instance). Because we are open to all, we strive to always have at least one non-alcoholic option at our tavern as well as the alcohol.

Brews They Favor:  We try to keep our offerings varied; typically, this means we’re serving at least a dark beer, a pale beer, a cider, and a non-alcoholic at any given event. There is often a beer for hopheads and one that’s accessible for people used to macrobrews.

Where You Might See Them: We have typically run our tavern at WoW, Gem Joust, and Ymir. We have helped with the Elephant Stomp on a regular basis, and have been served at other major Kingdom events… Right now, we focus our efforts on the big events, but if our membership were to grow and get more spread out, we’d certainly be open to other members organizing and running taverns in other areas and events.

How to Reach Them: Their Facebook group “The Company of St. Arnulf” is definitely the best way to reach the group. Best contact person is Lord Jaume de Monçó, at craigbdaniel[AT}gmail.com.

To join: You have to be willing to help us run our tavern. You don’t even have to be a brewer (seriously we’d be delighted to have a couple good bartenders show up and volunteer even if they didn’t bring anything).  Ultimately the point is to spread hospitality, and having other members organize taverns more locally to themselves would do precisely that.

Words to Live By: “Anyone who is able to help us fulfill that mission, and up for putting in the effort to do so, we want as a member. Let’s make this even more awesome.”

Woodside Priory

Mostly Tidewater-based, the brethren and sistren of Woodside Priory make some mighty fine beer.  Keep an eye out for the Priory to set up at events, particularly around Tir-y-Don.

Bright Hills Brewers Guild

Currently mostly interested in cordials, but the focus changes with participants. They have a Yahoo group: https://groups.yahoo.com/group/BH_Brewers_Guild