Royal Brewer

The Royal Brewer is a kingdom notable position, selected by whim of their majesties to represent the brewing arts for the Kingdom of Atlantia. The position changes hands at the Kingdom Arts and Sciences event every year and is usually informed by a competition held by the outgoing royal brewer. You can learn more about this position here: What is a Royal Brewer?

Kingdom Brew Days

Once per quarter the guild has a kingdom brew day where brewers can get together to share their knowledge, enjoy our community, and brew together. Since the start of 2020 these events have been held virtually, allowing people to brew at home while also collaborating with the guild virtually. These days are typically hosted by the Royal Brewer, but can be held anywhere in the kingdom.

Round Tables

In short, a Round Table can be held at any event and is a chance for brewers to share their creations and exchange feedback. For an in depth review of roundtables, you can read more here: Roundtables

Local Brew Days

Any guild member may host a brew day for their local group, and they are encouraged to share about it with the kingdom so that we can all appreciate and recognize their efforts.

Sapor Sacui

The Annual brewer’s gathering typically held Friday night at War of the Wings and hosted by House Barra in their camp. Keep an eye out for announcements as the next War of the Wings approaches.