Brewing Supplies for beer, mead, and wine

TRUSTED Suppliers Within Atlantia

AleCraft Brewing Supply, LLC (Perry Craine) Located in Bel Air, Maryland, in Harford County on the north side of Baltimore. Free classes, pretty good supply list. Right next to a bakery.

Alternative Beverage   Charlotte, NC.  (Baron Edward)  “These guys are based out of the Charlotte area, good selection of items you may need but I hesitate to give them good scores for helping new brewers. My suggestion is to learn somewhere else, they don’t seem to have time to talk to anyone who doesn’t know much.”

Bee Folks, Mount Airy, MD. Excellent selection of varietal honeys, good prices if you buy in quantity (bulk order with your fellow brewers!). Also bee-related products like wax candles and mead kits. These folks have a booth at Pennsic and the Maryland Renaissance Festival. , Ashland, OH, but order online only. (T’omas Tryggvason) Pasteurized and raw honey, apple cider vinegar, beeswax products, soaps and lotions.

Flying Barrel, Frederick, MD.  Homebrew and winemaking supplies.  Very helpful staff with great brewing classroom.

Got Mead  (Baron Edward) Website/discussion board.  “It’s everything you could ever want to know about mead and brewing with honey. If you specifically want to brew only with honey, this is the place to check out.”

Gunter’s Honey, Berryville, VA.  (Lady Maria Chiara Dafini) Wholesaler, not available for direct retail, but good prices available if you buy larger quantities (5 lbs or more). You can find their honey at Whole Foods and Amazon.

Jay’s Brewing, Manassas, VA. (Lady Rúna) Kits, cheesemaking, brewing hardware.

Maryland Homebrew Warehouse  Columbia, MD. Classes, supplies, kits, it really is warehouse-sized, and everyone on staff is knowledgeable and very helpful.

My Local Home Brew Shop  Falls Church, VA. (Lady Maria Chiara Dafini) “…next to Sears. across Leesburg Pke from the Seveon Corners mall…comprehensive supplier for wine and beer items (no cheese though)…less wholegrain oriented than Jay’s in Manassas…wider selection of overall supplies.  Free customer loyalty program   6201 Leesburg Pike.

Nepenthe Homebrew Baltimore City, MD (Lady  whose SCA name I am blanking on and will ask) In the Woodberry/Hampden area. Supplies for wine, beer, cheese. Kettles set up for classes can be rented.

 Trusted Suppliers Outside of Atlantia

It’s worth comparison shopping between these, but they’re all reliable suppliers with good prices and a good selection.

Austin Homebrew  Austin, TX.  Beer, wine and meadmaking supplies and equipment.

E.C.Kraus  (Lady Rúna)  Online home Wine and Beer Making Supplies.

Midwest Supplies   Minneapolis, MN  Very, very internet savvy. These folks have a lot going on.

Northern Brewer  Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN  Great prices, wide variety.

Williams Brewing  San Leandro, CA.  Very web savvy, often have web-only deals.