Largesse – so what have you brewed for Atlantia lately?

device for Kingdom of AtlantiaNot to brag, but we’re a pretty generous lot.

It’s not unusual to see bottles of beer, mead, braggot, wine, or pyment included in Royal gift baskets, or as part of a Baronial feast.  Guildmembers set up a bar near the feast pavilion on a couple of special occasions, carding and pouring for a couple of hours before they got their own food.  The Crown has received a couple of dozen 350-ml bottles at a time, all decked out in Kingdom colors with period materials, to give away as largesse – particularly when Atlantia is supplying a Royal gift basket to a couple of Royals from another Kingdom who are known to like beer or mead. Dozens of cases  of period homebrew are provided to the Kingdom party at Pennsic. (Sorcha here – I’m trying not to be smug, but the Atlantia parties don’t tend to run dry, and the beer and mead are good all the way through the party.)  For one Pennsic Queen’s tea, three people sent coolers who weren’t even at War that year.  Siegfried Sebastian Faust spearheaded the brewers of Atlantia’s representation at that Tea…

So what cool things have you done with your brew lately? No reason we can’t share excellent ideas and rejoice in our own creative generosity.