Atlantia Arts and Sciences judging

This is a whole different ball of wax from Guild judging.  For one thing, the judges are likely to be historically very knowledgeable, but not brewers.  You really have to explain yourself to accommodate the different expertise.

You can find the most updated version of the A&S judging form for brewing here: Atlantia A&S Forms.   Our own Master Terafan, Atlantia’s first Laurel in brewing and current Clerk of Law, had a large hand in creating the Brewing A&S form.

The A&S site tells you a lot about what they’re looking in a display or competition. There’s a real desire in the A&S world to not be daunting; like us, they want more people to participate and think this is fun. There’s a lot of transparency.  Also, you can always ask whoever is organizing the A&S event you are thinking of participating in about what to expect when you get there.

That said, you may want to let the organizer know you’re bringing beverages, in case they want to get a couple of Guild members in to judge…

EZ-Doc is a fill-in form for A&S documentation – very, very helpful, available on the A&S site; use it for A&S competitions.

There is also a “Quick Explanation of Judges Codes”, which is supposed to be distributed with the judging form, and is worth taking a look at. If you’re asked to judge brewing in an A&S competition, please look at the form and the codes well ahead of the event!