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Royal Brewers of Atlantia

For Atlantia’s 30th anniversary, Kingdom Historian Stefan of Cambion encouraged me to gather the list of all the Royal Brewers there had ever been in Atlantia. Our Kingdom Chronicler helped a lot, and I did a lot of newsletter digging and networking to find this list.  I can’t guarantee I’ve got the early years exactly correctly. Royal Brewers sometimes served for more than a year, and we had some gaps for one reason or another in the early years, so there’s not necessarily a 1:1 relationship between Royal Brewer and year of installation.

I loved being Royal Brewer; as I explained elsewhere, it’s carte blanche to do anything (legal) you can think of to encourage brewing in the Kingdom.  It gave me an excuse to talk to total strangers the length and breadth of the Kingdom, something I’d never have had the courage to do otherwise.

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, here are those who have spent a year of their lives (sometimes more) building up the art and science of brewing in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Sorcha Crowe


Gyrth Oldcastle

Philip of Ghent

Bianca Della Robbia

Brie Kiernan

Bianca Della Robbia

Brie Kiernan

Allen of Dunwich

Corwyn Woodwarde 5/91

Terafon Greydragon 3/92

Brie Kieran

Annora nic Chailin 4/94

Tadhg mac Aedain ui Chonchobhair 2/95

Alexander Mareschal 3/96

Havelyard of Bourne 2/97

Terafon Greydragon 12/98

Daria of Stierbach 8/99-2/01

Jehan Yves de Chateau Thiery 6/01

Declan Mac Dockery 4/02

Nikulai Ivanovich and Thorgrimr inn Kyri 4/03

Michel von Schonsee 4/04

Daria of Atlantia 4/05

Karl Haraldsson 5/06

Siegfried Sebastian Faust 11/07

Karl Haraldsson 4/08

Sorcha Crowe 5/09

Brian Crawford 6/10

Seamus MacWhellan 4/11

Patrick Ravensclaw 2/12

Rayhana bint Jusuf 2/13

Brian Crawford 3/14

Jaume de Monçó  3/15

Seamus MacWhellan 3/16

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