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Competition Forms

You can find the most updated version of the A&S judging form for brewing here: Atlantia A&S Forms

The Atlantian Judging Guidelines are Atlantian Judging Guidelines:


The current version of the Guild forms are here:

Brewers Guild Competition Form


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Notes from Lord Brynjolf’s First Guildhall meeting

Sept. 13, 2014: Guildmaster Lord Brynjolf Rauðskegg held a Guild Moot at Battle on the Bay in Storvik. Please feel free to share this with anyone you think would be interested, including local branches and households.

Also, keep in mind that no decisions on any subjects are being made until we’ve had a few more meetings. This is just brainstorming…Present were Baron Drogo Dragonara, Mistress Sorcha Crow, Lord Mikhail Novgorodets, Lady Cristofana di Lorenzo, Lady Rúna Hóvmansdóttir, Lord Hrothgar Ioanesson Berglund, Lord Dughall-Eoghann LeGrande, and myself [Lord Brynjolf]. 

– To encourage brewing and a forum for networking.
– Special focus on encouraging and supporting new brewers.
– A need to change the perception that the Guild makes drink just to get drunk; and to counter by raising/reinforcing the Guild’s A&S profile.
– “More advertising, better marketing.”
– A need for more policing.
– Better exposure (articles in Tournaments Illustrated, etc).

– Abandon the competition-driven model?
– Abandon the apprentice/journeyman/master structure (while period, it conflicts with the apprentice/laurel relationship).
– Leverage the existing award structure (Coral Branch/Opal, Pearl, etc.) instead? Make award recommendations as a Guild…
– Use Atlantia’s Silver Spindle’s skills check-list format? Multiple tracks to accommodate individual styles (mead, beer, cordial, etc).
– Internal awards for brewing achievements?

– More focus on enjoyment of the beverage.
– More focus on learning and feedback instead of “winning.”
– Competitions versus Round Tables were discussed.
– Again, better advertising and marketing (especially with advance notification, announcing a competition three weeks before the event does no good).
– Working more with autocrats to better promote competitions.
– Reinforce the policy of not judging any entries that do not include an ingredient list (safety).
– We briefly touched on reviewing/revising the judging rubric.

– Resources page, with bibliography, book reviews, links to suppliers, etc.
– Compile a list of wet event sites.
– Consider adding a list of active participants (members).
– Abandon the Yahoo list and add a Forum to the website?
– Move the listserv to the Seahorse server?
– New brewer resource, including simple medieval beer and mead recipes.

– Discussed site limitations and how to leverage “wet” sites.
– Exploring sites in Stierbach and Spiaggia Levantina were mention specifically.
– More brewing-oriented Universities/University-style events (sites are an issue).
– Discussed ideas for a Guild table at KASF 2015. We’ve done them in the past and they’ve been a success.

Good lord. Did we really discuss all that…?

Anyway, that’s the basics. Again, feel free to share with local branches and households.

Also feel free to post questions/comments/additions/corrections. Seriously. We are soliciting feedback and looking for ideas.

The next meeting is scheduled for War of the Wings, Friday night, 7:00 at the House Barra camp. This will be a fairly short meeting, since the Sapor Secui! open tasting party follows at 8:00.

Lord Brynjolf

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Kingdom Guilds in the Knowne World

SCA Corporate device - laurel wreath on a shieldSurprisingly few of the nineteen kingdoms in the Knowne World have structured brewers’ guilds, but there are some, and it’s interesting to see how they do things. If you know how to contact any that aren’t listed here, please contact the webminister with your info asap.

If you’re interested, here’s where you can learn more:

(The Kingdom of…)
Both of these web addresses work: www.brewers.aethelmearc.org and www.brewers.aethelmearc.sca.org.
Brewers Guild BadgeAethelmearc’s Brewers Guild has regional representatives as well.
Yahoo: http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/AEbrewers/info
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/248448708659644/ 

An Tir
More active on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/Antir_Brewers

There is definitely brewing activity at Estrella War. Contact Atenveldt’s Minister of Arts and Sciences to learn more, or try collegium@estrellawar.org.

Brewers Guild BadgeCaid
There is definitely brewing activity during the Great Western War – the Multi-Kingdom Brewing Contest in 2013, for example.

These happy meistersingers must have beer to go with their song. Their brewers’ mailing list is at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/calontir_brewers. However, many of the various SCAdian lists are evolving off Yahoo…

Guild of Brewers and Vintners: www.drachenwald.sca.org/content/kingdom-guilds-interest-groups

East Kingdom Brewers Guildthe East
There’s a Yahoo group linked on their website, and they also have a Facebook page
Gleann Abhann
Brewers-Vintners-Cordialmakers Guild

Mash rake guild badgeLochac
Brewers, Vintners, and Imbibers Guild: http://brewers.lochac.sca.org/welcome

the West
There is also this, definitely West Kingdom, but a different list: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/our_lady_saint_titus – “A group for The Gild of Our Lady and Saint Titus the Bastard, the Worshipful Company of Brewers and Brewsters of the Kingdom of the West.” Seems to be a different St. Titus than the mundane one. There’s a story here somewhere…

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