Greetings, and welcome to the Atlantian Brewers Guild!

Rejoice! The spring goddesses have smiled at Ymir and melted his wintery heart! Bees emerge from their slumber, barley blooms, and apples blossom.
On behalf of the brewers of fair Atlantia, I’d like to welcome you to our Brewers Guild. This spring and summer promise to be a grand time for brewers! Queen Thora I is herself a fan of the brewing arts. As of this writing, there are fully twenty events at wet sites on the kingdom calendar from April through Pennsic. And… Summer University is at a wet site with camping!
So if you are an experienced brewer, I would challenge you to teach a class or organize a round table or brew day at an event or in your local group. If you are new to brewing, now is a great time to come out and meet your fellow brewers.
As always, there is no requirement for membership in the Guild; only a desire to learn and to share your knowledge and ideas with others. So please check our calendar of events and come join us!
 Lord Brynjolf Rauðskegg
Guildmaster, Atlantia Brewers’ Guild

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  1. At Ymir the last couple years there was a competition for beverages containing at least 2 ingredients from a list. Evelynne Merrymet showed up at Ymir this year with a cordial containing 3 of the ingredients from this years list, provided last year. No one else entered. Is this competition defunct from lack of interest?

  2. Howdy! I have a friend in the Richmond area who has a pair of 7 gallon glass carboys and a 40 quart pot that is taking up valuable space in their cramped apartment. She asked me to see if I could find a brewer who would be willing to turn them into an unspecified amount of cash. Contact me at if you have an interest or reference.


  3. How does one join the guild?


  4. Lord Alexander Makcristyne

    Greetings from a fellow brewer of the East Kingdom Brewers guild. I wanted to let you know that in Reading Pa there is going to be a brewing event in Feb. This Facebook link will give you all the details with the event announcement on the bottom left of the page. In your are interested in coming or teaching please let us know, we’d be glad to have our fellow brewers to the south.

    • Duly added to our calendar. Thank you for your gracious invitation! Can you say more about what goes on at this festival, for those of us who haven’t been there? It’s a brewing festival, so it’s undoubtedly fun…

    • Thanks for the invitation! Reading is within striking distance… it would be great to organize an Atlantian contingent…

      • Michael of Roxbury Mill

        so now that it’s 2015 and we’re getting closer to the above event, thoughts on participating?

  5. I’m so glad to have found this site! I love brewing, and hope you guys can help me “get medieval” with my beer.

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