Kingdom Guilds in the Knowne World

SCA Corporate device - laurel wreath on a shieldSurprisingly few of the nineteen kingdoms in the Knowne World have structured brewers' guilds, but there are some, and it's interesting to see how they do things. If you know how to contact any that aren't listed here, please contact the webminister with your info asap. If you're interested, here's where you can learn more: (The Kingdom of...) Æthelmearc Both of these web addresses work: and Brewers Guild BadgeAethelmearc's Brewers Guild has regional representatives as well. Yahoo: Facebook:  An Tir More active on Facebook: Atenveldt There is definitely brewing activity at Estrella War. Contact Atenveldt's Minister of Arts and Sciences to learn more, or try Brewers Guild BadgeCaid There is definitely brewing activity during the Great Western War - the Multi-Kingdom Brewing Contest in 2013, for example. Calontir These happy meistersingers must have beer to go with their song. Their brewers' mailing list is at However, many of the various SCAdian lists are evolving off Yahoo... Drachenwald Guild of Brewers and Vintners: East Kingdom Brewers Guildthe East There's a Yahoo group linked on their website, and they also have a Facebook page Gleann Abhann Brewers-Vintners-Cordialmakers Guild Mash rake guild badgeLochac Brewers, Vintners, and Imbibers Guild: the West There is also this, definitely West Kingdom, but a different list: - "A group for The Gild of Our Lady and Saint Titus the Bastard, the Worshipful Company of Brewers and Brewsters of the Kingdom of the West." Seems to be a different St. Titus than the mundane one. There's a story here somewhere...

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