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A Badge for the Guild

First, a few guidelines:

1. It should be simple. Keep the fancy for personal and household devices. Any brewer should be able to paint this on something.

cropped Regalia box

The Royal Brewer device, from the new Regalia box Lord Brian made for the next RB.

2. It should evoke Atlantia somehow. I don’t see tying Spike into brewing, despite the Royal Brewer’s badge (which has Spike between two mugs – see the picture on the  left).

4. It should not look like other kingdom brewers guild badges – there aren’t very many of them.

5. It should reference beer, wine, mead, cordials, and our favorite non-alcoholics like vinegars, without discrimination. Our Guild includes all of these.

6. When people see it, they should be able to associate it with brewing without too much trouble.

7. It should be easy to get approved by the Kingdom and Society College(s) of Heralds. To that end, I’ve enlisted the aid of a couple of tireless book heralds, who know this stuff, and am allowing myself to be guided by them.

8. It should look nice.

So, we start with the basic shield shape, known as the field:

outline of shield shape with flat top and pointed bottom

Blank field

You gotta love a tabla rasa, a blank slate. The field is a good place to hint we’re Atlantians. Here’s the Kingdom device:

Kingdom of Atlantia
Believe me when I say it’s not the easiest to paint. So how about we do something like one of these, in blue and white:fess wavy2

per pale simple wavy
Usually you see white on the top/bottom or right/left, and blue in the middle, but we can go either way. Heraldically speaking, white is argent/silver and blue is azure. So let’s get some polling on which of these you prefer, and in what color order – or neither, and you’re going to email me your preference (

[wpdevart_poll id=”1″ theme=”1″]


[wpdevart_poll id=”3″ theme=”1″]


To one of those fields, let’s add a charge, or a figure. I vote we pick one thing to put smack in the middle of the middle stripe, no matter which way it goes.

According to the Heraldry Primer on the Atlantia website:

If the charge is on the white/argent/silver part, the charge itself can be gules/red, azure/blue, vert/green, purpure/purple, or sable/black.

If the charge is on the blue/azure part, the charge itself can be silver/argent or gold/or.

So let’s poll some more, while I  have you here. What color shall our charge be?


[wpdevart_poll id=”2″ theme=”1″]


Other kingdoms use the following charges, so I suggest we avoid them:

Barrel – Aethelmearc

Cup and bunch of grapes – Caid

Beehive and grapes – East

Crossed malt rakes -Lochac

We don’t want to compete with our own brewing groups, Woodside Priory and the Company of St. Arnulf. Woodside uses a barrel, and I’m not sure that St. Arnulf’s has a badge of any sort. If I’m wrong, folks, let me know.

For charges that would pass Heraldic inspection, I consulted A Pictorial Dictionary of Heraldry, by Master Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme. It was recommended on the Atlantia heraldry page.  It’s been around a long time, but bless him, he’s put it online, and done a good job of converting it to a web-enabled tool rather than a flat document.

There are three ways to search the site. One is by first letter, another is by category. Not all the charges in there are indexed, some are only linked from other devices – vessel, for instance, links to quite a few.  There’s also a link to “Full Alphabetical Search”. The search box works fairly well.  If you can’t find one of the charges I mention below, don’t despair – try another route.

If you search by letter, you are getting all the charges that start with that letter. The only way to navigate then is to scroll to the bottom and click “older posts”. The one you want can be many pages in. I recommend the search box or

Master Bruce has marked each charge with a) whether it’s period and b) whether it’s passed before. Remember we want to reference beer, wine, mead, cordials, and non-alcoholics like vinegar, so we don’t want anything as specific as a malt rake anyhow. Here’s where it gets fun.  We have lots of brewing-related choices. Not including the charges already used by other kingdoms, according to Master Bruce, we can choose any of these. You may have to scroll down the page to get to your item:



Drinking bowl (Misha makes these)

Cup/beaker/goblet- just not the one Caid uses, which has a small stem. There are several shapes available. For what it’s worth, I vote we avoid the British covered cup; no one will recognize it.

Bottell (leather, made for hanging, probably from a horse’s saddle)

Bucket (it’s a stretch)

Flask or phial

Pot/cauldron/pipkin/kettle/three-footed pot/

Well (no picture given, only descriptions)

Mazer (Misha makes these)

Bottle (what are we, lushes?)

Bowl (looks a lot like the mazer, what a surprise)

Spouted pot/clay pot

Of these, there are several I like. The bottell is pretty cool – it was designed to carry on horseback, and I like the hint that we travel and share. Amphoras, flasks, and pitchers all invoke making in bulk and sharing, and are graceful besides. I like the mazer/drinking bowl a lot, but like the drinking horn, that may not appeal to everyone. There is probably a cup shape we all could work with – it just has to be different from Caid’s. If you don’t think there’s ever been a cup of vinegar, look to your hip socket – the part your thigh bone fits into is the acetabulum, the vinegar cup.

I think wells and buckets are a stretch for people to think of brewers. Bottles remind people of drunken bums, and we’re trying to get them to see us another way. Cauldrons are forever associated with witches; if we want to use any of the pots we’ll have to be careful to get one that’s recognizable. I’m not sure whether people would see a flask and assume we’re alchemists.

I could poll on this, but the tool only allows me to give you one choice. I think we need more discussion. Let me hear you! Leave a comment, post to the e-list, email me separately. What charges do you like, and why? Which one(s) do you prefer over others?

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St. Arnulf Ingredient Challenge Results A.S. 49 (2015)

Good Gentles,
The Company of St. Arnulf wishes to congratulate Lady Evelynn Merrymet on winning our inaugural Specialty Ingredient Challenge. The purpose of this challenge is to encourage brewers who experiment with unusual period ingredients, and we were delighted to taste Lady Evelynn’s spiced rosehip cordial, which featured, among other ingredients, fennel and rosemary.
We hope this competition will continue for many years to come, and it is with pleasure that we announce the lists for the next two years. Once again, judging will take place at the Company’s tavern at Ymir. The rules will be as before: we put out a list of ingredients, and ask that brewers prepare a beverage which features any two or more things on the list. The list changes every year (though some things make return from previous lists if we’d like to see more of them). Documentation is welcomed but not required; as our primary goal is to encourage brewers to familiarize themselves with unusual period brewing ingredients, we welcome inventive applications and so do not require that the beverage entered be a historical one.

For 2016, the ingredient list will be as follows:
Citron Leaf
Sweet gale
As we know that makers of meads and cordials benefit from a sufficiently long time to age their product, we are also pleased to announce the list for 2017:
Bacterial fermentation
Sour orange
For the “bacterial fermentation” item, we still welcome beverages that are primarily fermented with yeast (whether Saccharomyces or other species), but to count this as one of the two ingredients used the action of bacteria must contribute to the flavor of the finished product.
We look forward to your entries in future iterations of this competition. Please forward the rules and ingredients lists anywhere you feel is appropriate.
 – Jaume de Monçó
Schenkewirt, Company of St. Arnulf

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People to know in the Guild

Here are some folks in the Guild you might want to know. You can call on any of them if you have questions about the Guild.  Look for someone close to your location for questions about local brewing activity.

PHOTOS will be posted as I get them – Sorcha

Guildmaster  Lord Brynjolf Rauðskegg

Brynjolf Rauthskegg

Brynjolf device

Guildmaster Brynjolf








Royal Brewer Lord Brian Crawford
(Brian Burnham)
Inspector for Barony of Tir-y-don
757-812-2732 NLT 10PM
(yes, some of our brewers have other interests too…)

brian_crawford device

Brian Crawford

Brian Crawford 1








Barony of Ponte Alto
Lord John M’Coghlane
(Jonathan Coughlin)


Dagobert de Gallia


Susane d’Anjou


Barony of Hawkwood
Lord Dagobert de Galia
& Lady Susane d’Anjou
(Chris & Sue Burk)



Barony of Lochmere

Mikhail "Misha" Novgorodets

Mikhail “Misha” Novgorodets

Lord Mikhail ‘Misha’ Novgorodets
(Michael Suggs)






Gormr Domarsson

Barony of Dun Carraig
Lord Gormr Domarsson
(Greg Lee)
443-404-5770 NLT 9PM





Barony of Highland Foorde
Master Siegfried Sebastian Faust

Siegfried Sebastian Faust

Siegfried Sebastian Faust








Isabel Henry



Barony of Caer Mear
Lady Isabel Henry
(Sharon Miller)



Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon (“Terafan”)
Atlantia’s first brewing Laurel

picture of Master Terafan      Master Terafan's device
Master Terafan

Mistress Sorcha Crowe
(Elspeth Payne)

Webminister and Inspector in the Barony of Storvik (Maryland and D.C.)
Atlantia’s most recent brewing Laurel

sorcha_crowe device

Sorcha Crowe

Sorcha Crowe

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