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St. Arnulf Ingredient Challenge Results A.S. 49 (2015)

Good Gentles,
The Company of St. Arnulf wishes to congratulate Lady Evelynn Merrymet on winning our inaugural Specialty Ingredient Challenge. The purpose of this challenge is to encourage brewers who experiment with unusual period ingredients, and we were delighted to taste Lady Evelynn’s spiced rosehip cordial, which featured, among other ingredients, fennel and rosemary.
We hope this competition will continue for many years to come, and it is with pleasure that we announce the lists for the next two years. Once again, judging will take place at the Company’s tavern at Ymir. The rules will be as before: we put out a list of ingredients, and ask that brewers prepare a beverage which features any two or more things on the list. The list changes every year (though some things make return from previous lists if we’d like to see more of them). Documentation is welcomed but not required; as our primary goal is to encourage brewers to familiarize themselves with unusual period brewing ingredients, we welcome inventive applications and so do not require that the beverage entered be a historical one.

For 2016, the ingredient list will be as follows:
Citron Leaf
Sweet gale
As we know that makers of meads and cordials benefit from a sufficiently long time to age their product, we are also pleased to announce the list for 2017:
Bacterial fermentation
Sour orange
For the “bacterial fermentation” item, we still welcome beverages that are primarily fermented with yeast (whether Saccharomyces or other species), but to count this as one of the two ingredients used the action of bacteria must contribute to the flavor of the finished product.
We look forward to your entries in future iterations of this competition. Please forward the rules and ingredients lists anywhere you feel is appropriate.
 – Jaume de Monçó
Schenkewirt, Company of St. Arnulf

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Inter Kingdom Brewers Guild (IKBG)

The Inter Kingdom Brewers Guild is not your average SCAdian brewers guild.  For one thing, it crosses boundaries, with aspirations to represent every kingdom in the SCA. For another, they don’t do A&S – IKBG is brewers getting together to share brews and knowledge.  Even when they have competitions, IKBG’s focus is on “the beverage itself and its drinkability”. They focus on how good a brew tastes, how well it’s made.  IKBG means no disrespect, it’s just filling a different niche from A&S’ historical authenticity.  We brewers have choices.

IKBG does maintain a database of those who have entered their competitions.  As of 9/2014, there are 48 Atlantians listed.  A lot of familiar names on that list…

The IKBG would be included on Atlantia’s Guild website even if Master Terafan, who hosts the website, weren’t himself one of Atlantia’s foundation brewers.  His website also has a number of really good brewing recipes, helpful documentation suggestions, and all sorts of other mostly-14th-century goodies.

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Kingdom Guilds in the Knowne World

SCA Corporate device - laurel wreath on a shieldSurprisingly few of the nineteen kingdoms in the Knowne World have structured brewers’ guilds, but there are some, and it’s interesting to see how they do things. If you know how to contact any that aren’t listed here, please contact the webminister with your info asap.

If you’re interested, here’s where you can learn more:

(The Kingdom of…)
Both of these web addresses work: and
Brewers Guild BadgeAethelmearc’s Brewers Guild has regional representatives as well.

An Tir
More active on Facebook:

There is definitely brewing activity at Estrella War. Contact Atenveldt’s Minister of Arts and Sciences to learn more, or try

Brewers Guild BadgeCaid
There is definitely brewing activity during the Great Western War – the Multi-Kingdom Brewing Contest in 2013, for example.

These happy meistersingers must have beer to go with their song. Their brewers’ mailing list is at However, many of the various SCAdian lists are evolving off Yahoo…

Guild of Brewers and Vintners:

East Kingdom Brewers Guildthe East
There’s a Yahoo group linked on their website, and they also have a Facebook page
Gleann Abhann
Brewers-Vintners-Cordialmakers Guild

Mash rake guild badgeLochac
Brewers, Vintners, and Imbibers Guild:

the West
There is also this, definitely West Kingdom, but a different list: – “A group for The Gild of Our Lady and Saint Titus the Bastard, the Worshipful Company of Brewers and Brewsters of the Kingdom of the West.” Seems to be a different St. Titus than the mundane one. There’s a story here somewhere…

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