Atlantia’s Policy on Alcohol at Events

Atlantian Book of Policy

Effective August 2014

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Photo courtesy (mostly modern) Bottle Typing/Shapes website: Policy on Alcohol at Events

1.11.1 When a site written contract is silent on alcohol, branches may not publish in any announcement that alcohol is permitted or excluded and may not sponsor activities related to alcohol. In order to have SCA sponsored activities which require the use of alcohol such as brewing and vinting competitions, the written contract must be revised giving permission. Verbal authorization is not sufficient. However, the SCA will not prohibit or monitor the responsible use of alcohol by individuals at these sites.

1.11.2 Site contracts which include alcohol permission may be advertised as such.

1.11.3 Sites with alcohol prohibitions will be advertised as dry sites and the seneschal and event steward will be responsible for maintenance of the signed contract. Exceptions to the contract must be in writing from the site owner or contractual authority.

6.4 Registering Events Site restrictions. Use this block to note any site restrictions such as no open flames, no pets, etc. You must specify whether alcohol is permitted on site.

(Nothing in the following Kingdom Law documents:  Kingdom Financial Policy, Acorn Financial Policy, Kingdom Crusades Financial Policy)

 Sorcha here: The long and short of it is, don’t be a jerk. There is no such thing as a “discreetly damp” site.  Either alcohol is explicitly allowed or it’s not. If the contract doesn’t give us permission, we’re hanging the Society’s ass out there and the consequences are much worse than a spanking.

We used to say “no modern containers”, but who wants to see a modern container at a period event anyway? Bring a pitcher or a barrel if you have brew to share.  Seriously.

2 responses to “Atlantia’s Policy on Alcohol at Events

  1. I would inquire on any and all policies related to underage drinking in the Kingdom and in the Society please. I realize that other legal action in real life law can and does exist, but I would like to access precedents, discussion and laws in our Kingdom and Society wide regarding this matter further. Any and all assistance would be appreciated.

    • For current Society and Kingdom law, check the Kingdom Brewers’ Guild website, top navigation bar: Legalities. That will give you the current Corpora, Kingdom, Federal and Atlantian state laws. I haven’t included drinking age laws specifically on the Guild site, thanks for bringing that to my attention.
      Drinking ages are buried in the state laws, usually in reference to who vendors can sell to.
      Wikipedia says this, but always with Wikipedia we must check the source: “…(23 U.S.C. § 158) was passed on July 17, 1984 by the United States Congress…It punished every state that allowed persons below 21 years to purchase and publicly possess alcoholic beverages by reducing its annual federal highway apportionment by ten percent…While this act did not outlaw the consumption of alcoholic beverages by those under 21 years of age, seven states and Washington D.C. extended its provisions into an outright ban. These states are: Alabama, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Vermont….”

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